From a single restaurant to over 180 across 20+ brands, restaurants are in our DNA. Our locations are located across three continents and are found in multiple settings from traditional street-side locations to malls, airports, universities, and military bases. Currently our focus is on developing restaurants in locations that have a built-in audience and are typically more challenging to operate, but have outsized potential such as in airports or on military bases. Our dedicated team, with their combined years of industry expertise, allow us to secure, develop, and operate these locations at world-class standards, often surpassing those of the same brand in typical city locations.

Our decision to focus our energies and attention on developing and operating fewer, better restaurants in key locations have been well received from our partners in government as well as from landlords, franchisors and, most importantly, customers. We look forward to expanding our portfolio with the best brands in the world’s most unique locations.


Real Estate Development

The Bukhowa Group has a wide breadth of experience in developing real estate around the world. Having developed a diverse range of projects from large scale employee accommodations for big companies near major cites to luxury sea front homes, we have gained a deep understanding of what makes real estate projects successful. Today our focus is on developing real estate in the world’s foremost coastal cities. We are currently completing projects that include retail outlets, apartments, offices, large multi-story commercial spaces, and sea-front luxury housing.


US Military Contracting

Our engagement with the US Navy began in 2012 with a location in Djibouti, Africa, where we were tasked with opening a Subway restaurant on Camp Lemonnier – the largest and only permanent US Military Base in Africa. At the time there were no franchised restaurants in the Horn of Africa, therefore opening and operating a restaurant to the highest international brand standards presented a host of extraordinary challenges. In a place with minimal infrastructure and supply chains, we persevered and overcame obstacles to open the restaurant in only three months, a record time for any development on an overseas US Navy Base.

Today, the restaurant continues to perform beyond expectations within both the Subway brand system and the Navy Exchange (NEXCOM). It is from here that our relationship with the US Military grew, giving us the opportunity to develop multiple brands at various other locations in Africa, Asia, and the United States.


Property Management

Upon developing or purchasing real estate, we make an informed decision on whether to operate the assets ourselves or engage a property management company once the buildings are complete. In most cases, we undertake property management ourselves, and have demonstrated a proven track record of exceptional service. These properties include projects that we have built as well as those that were purchased from external developers. They range from student and employee housing complexes to luxury villas on man-made islands.